About us

Dynamic 360 was founded on the basis of a specific idea, which over the years has grown and acquired strength and awareness. All this has been possible thanks to a team able to prioritise customer requirements out of all the activities to perform.

More specifically, the process we try to apply in a globally dynamic manner is designed to be divided into four phases:

  1. The first phase consists of performing a technical assessment of the project, and above all the customer’s specific requirements.
  2. The second phase is based on analysis and research into possible solutions which can best satisfy the specifications of the application.
  3. The third phase is to make a proposal of the ideal component which can guarantee the design performance required on a technical level, but which is at the same time the best solution in economic terms.
  4. The fourth and final phase is supplying the components with the required level of quality and within the agreed timeframe.

Each phase is fundamental for complete customer satisfaction, and for this reason we aim to carry them out in a committed, professional and passionate manner, adding the flexibility required to successfully achieve the goal.

If we had to choose the adjective that best describes us, flexibility is undoubtedly that which best summarises the concept of Dynamic 360 and which is most characteristic of our team, service and product.

Our Team
The continuous synergy between us and the companies we work with on a daily basis has given rise to a flexible team able to manage small jobs as efficiently and effectively as major supply contracts.

Our Service
Our streamlined and flexible structure allows us to guarantee the necessary level of technical support to our customers and deliver the agreed components in an extremely rapid manner.

Our Product
Whether they are bearings manufactured to drawing specifications or timing belts with attachments, coatings or machining, Dynamic 360 offers flexible components able to integrate in your project in a specific manner.

Always Connected
The Dynamic 360 team is always connected: modern technology, combined with our flexibility, allows us to access all the phases of the order process in real time in order to provide information to our customers in an extremely rapid fashion.
Technical support for integration of components manufactured to drawing specifications requires constant dialogue between the parties, and it is often difficult for all participants in the project to be available and physically present at the same time.
In order to provide a fast and efficient service, we can organise virtual meetings for presentation of the components which we usually offer, or to analyse specific designs together, using all available remote meeting tools (TeamViewer, Meet, Teams etc.).
We also aim to keep you up to date at all times through our social media channels, with photos, videos and messages about all our new components.