Our belt conveyors, with modular aluminium profile structure, are pre-assembled transport systems on which both timing belts and smooth belts can be installed.
Simplicity, versatility and reliability are the main characteristics of this product type, and thanks to the various available solutions they adapt to the user’s specific requirements.
Synchronous Toothed Belt Conveyors

Our experience in the field of timing belts has allowed us to create conveyor systems which are more precise in their positioning than traditional smooth belt conveyors.

All types of timing belts, which you will find in the specific section of our site, can be used on conveyors, and we can use CAD to design a system which fits in perfectly with your requirements. Thanks to the system of adjustable polyzene profiles and pulleys with conical bush, the conveyor is highly versatile, allowing both the width of the timing belts and their position and spacing to be changed.

When the timing belt is particularly long, the conveyor can be broken down into two easily remountable parts, facilitating transportation and subsequent assembly of the entire system. The synchronous conveyors are usually used as feed systems or as movement systems where good positioning precision is required, and the sectors in which they see the most use are: assembly, automation, robotics, packaging, etc.

Smooth Belt Conveyors

These belt conveyors, which do not have the synchronisation restriction of the timing belts, have the significant advantage that they can use tensioner rollers of smaller diameter compared to those of the pulleys used on synchronous conveyors.
Another aspect which makes this solution particularly versatile is the possibility to have both flat and inclined sections in order to be able to transport the product to different heights.

The current smooth belt market offers a huge number of standard solutions, guaranteeing a wide choice of the most suitable surface for transporting the product: many types of different materials, textures and grips make this system highly versatile and suitable for use in a huge number of sectors such as: food, packaging, robotics, beverage, paper, textile, non-woven fabrics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, etc.

As well as the more standard solutions, the belts can be customised in various ways: it is possible to weld attachments to drawing specifications, coat the back with different materials (dense or foam materials), apply a central guide to keep the belt on its axis, or side profiles to contain the transported product.
In order to protect the foam and to increase the grip of the system, it is possible to apply a further, denser coating which is usually in silicone or rubber.

1 – In this video you can see a synchronous conveyor with two 100 AT10 timing belts with false teeth in action

2 – Dynamic 360’s conveyors are used primarily in industrial automation

3 – Timing belts allow for precise and reliable product positioning

4 – The adjustable polyzene profiles allow the centre distances of the belts in the system to be varied

5 – Customised design in order to fully meet all customer requirements

6 – The structure made from 45 x 90 mm aluminium profiles makes the system lightweight but extremely robust

7 – Timing belts with false teeth allow the conveyor’s attachments to be replaced

8 – Conveyors can be manufactured with the ability to be broken down into two parts in order to facilitate transportation

9 – timing belts with conical bush allow the position of the belts to be varied

10 – timing belts milled from single billets guarantee a very high level of positioning quality

11 – Depending on the required performance, we can offer various types of motors and gear units

12 – Belt conveyor with attachments and side edges to contain loose product

13 – Various accessories are available in order to customise the belt conveyor

14 – Inclined belt conveyors allow product to be moved to different heights

15 – Using FDA-certified materials, we can produce belts for the transport of food products

16 – Conveyor with honeycomb texture belt, ideal for use in dusty environments