special bearings

Dynamic 360 bearings and slewing rings to drawing specifications are highly versatile rotation systems, as their external geometry is made to measure, allowing the use of any type of material.
Thanks to the integrated frankebearing elements, they are systems which can support both axial and radial loads, can reach speeds of 10 m/s, and their preload guarantees a high level of rigidity.
Bearing elements integration

Over 20 years’ experience with integration of frankesystems allows us to provide a complete service which ranges from sizing and integration of bearing elements right through to manufacturing the component to drawing specifications.

The technology at our disposal allows us to design the bearing geometry internally and supply the 3D file of the component to allow the customer to check it is perfectly suited to their project.

Bearings with teeth

Our experience in the sector of timing belts and gears has allowed us to create a range of bearings with external teeth, both in steel and in aluminium.

The generators we use are certified and available in the following belt pitches: AT – T – XL – L – H -XH – HTD – RPP – ATP – GT; we are also able to create outer rings with straight and inclined teeth from 1 to 6 mm module

We can use the materials best suited to the type of application and the corresponding operating environment; those most commonly used today are: aluminium, C45, stainless steel, plastic …

1 – We can analyse insertion of the bearing elements and design the external geometry to meet the specific requirements

2 – The assembled systems with integrated bearing elements are able to support both radial and axial loads

3 – A bearing with teeth, the pulley and corresponding belt create an extremely compact positioning system

4 – The Dynamic 360 bearing assemblies can be equipped with teeth for the following belt pitches AT – T – XL – L – H -XH – HTD – GT – RPP

5 – The three-piece construction allows the insertion of frankebearing elements as well as the possibility to preload the system

6 – Bearing assembly with 190 mm hollow shaft and HTD 8M z=128 teeth used for the rotation of a vision system

7 – Aluminium bearing with 650 mm internal diameter and outer ring gear for HTD 8M belt, with hard anodisation

8 – Bearing assembly made from stainless steel and used in systems in the food industry

9 – The toothed aluminium bearing assembly for AT3 belt allows for the precise rotation of radar systems or antennas

10 – Spindle used on machines for laser tube cutting where the rotating parts are made of aluminium and the fixed ones of C45 steel

11 – The two internal frankebearings allow for dual rotation of the system, one gear driven and the other via timing belt

12 – The aluminium bearings with GHA treatment are an excellent alternative to stainless-steel components

13 – Rotation system in C45 material with integrated type LER 5 bearing used on waste sorting systems.

14 – Aluminium bearing assemblies are ideal for the rotation of scanning systems in dental imaging machinery

15 – Assembled system with outer part in aluminium and inner ring in C45 steel, used on motor winding machines

16 – Assembled system with three distinct rotations driven by HTD 8M timing belts, used on packaging systems

17 – On bearings with adjustable preload ring nut, it is possible to change the moment of detachment and the rigidity of the system

18 – Aluminium bearing with 1200 mm internal hole and teeth for HTD 8M belt, used for CAT scanning systems

19 – Rotation system in aluminium with 325 mm internal passage used for tipping of a conveyor belt

20 – Bearing assemblies with module 2 teeth, used for rotation of antennas and radar systems on vehicles and vessels