Timing Belts for
Packaging Machines (vffs)

One of the sectors in which this type of solution is most widely used is the packaging industry, in particular PACKAGING machines on which the reel of film or wrapping is unwound onto a former tube via two coated timing belts.
The innumerable types of packaging present on the market make it difficult to choose a single type of coating which can best exploit the machine’s performance, and for this reason we have analysed different types of mixtures and hardnesses able to best satisfy customers’ specific requirements.
The advantages of silicone rubber
  • The lifetime of the belts can increase significantly (around 2-3 times depending on the film used).
  • The high level of grip due to the softness and elasticity of the silicone rubber allows the film unwinding speed to be increased compared to other mixtures.
  • Synthetic rubber tends to dry over time, losing its original performance; silicone rubber’s characteristics allow the machine to maintain the same level of performance.
  • Natural rubber must be cold glued, requiring that the system move in a single direction only; silicone rubber, on the other hand, is hot moulded and allows movement in both direction, guaranteeing very high levels of adhesion between the belt and coating
  • Silicone rubber’s characteristics allow it to withstand low (0°C) and very high (180°C) temperatures.
Available Hardnesses and Colours

Silicone rubber mixtures are composed primarily of silicone and are produced in various hardnesses (SHORE) in order to ensure the most appropriate level of grip for the type of wrap or film being unwound





This wide level of choice allows customers to use the most suitable compound, combined with ease of recognition through different colours.

Belts for Vacuum Systems

In order to achieve very high levels of performance, PACKAGING machines are equipped with a vacuum system which, when combined with the use of timing belts machined to drawing specifications, is able to increase the number of cycles of the machine.

In order to offer specific solutions to all types of vacuum systems, we have invested in modern technologies which allow us to design the optimum geometries for the slots and relative manufacturing on a high-speed machining centre, with very fast production times.

1 – Dynamic 360’s years of research allow it to offer a huge range of silicone coatings

2 – For the rectangular former tube, we can create oblique shaped slots

3 – New green silicone rubber compound, 40 shore hardness

4 – Belts with narrow slots allow small diameter tubes to be transported

5 – The silicone can be applied to belts with different pitches: T, AT, L, XL and H

6 – The 65 shore grey silicone rubber offers the highest level of durability

7 – Yellow 50 shore silicone rubber offers an excellent mix between grip and durability

8 – We can quickly create new moulds for specific customer developments

9 – We can carry out specific machining depending on the type of film to be transported

10 – Flared holes are the most widely used solution in vacuum applications

11 – We create custom channels depending on the vacuum system used

12 – Orange 35 shore silicone rubber is ideal where a high level of grip is required

13 – By cutting the teeth of a belt it can be used in place of smooth belts

14 – It is also possible to apply silicone rubber on neoprene POLY-V belts

15 – EAGLE pitch self-guiding PU belt with yellow 50 shore silicone rubber coating

16 – We hold the sizes most widely used in PACKAGING machines in stock