Timing Belts
for the Food Sector (FDA)

In the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, the requirements for conveyor systems may include the use of materials generally used for more standard solutions; in order to better meet the needs of the market, we have expanded our range of belts which meet FDA specifications.
More specifically, products which have yet to be packaged which will come into contact with the timing belt can only be transported with suitable materials, such as certain types of polyurethane, rubber and silicone certified to meet FDA standards.
Timing Belts in Food-Grade Polyurethane (FDA)

This type of product is characterised by the fact that the thermoplastic polyurethane used to produce the belt is FDA certified; it is usually blue in colour, with variable hardness from 60 to 90 shore.

These types of belts are produced by the metre, and are supplied in closed loop via welding or with the use of a mechanical joint; the maximum width which can be produced is 300 mm, and the available pitches are AT, T, L, XL, H with the internal strands usually in kevlar; in some cases it is possible to supply stainless-steel cables.

The FDA-approved timing belts, as well as having a smooth back, are available in different geometries which vary depending on the type of product to be transported, offering different advantages.
In the photo gallery on this page you can see some of the available models, and we are available to support you in choosing the solution which best meets your needs.

The materials used to produce these timing belts are highly resistant to many detergents, chemicals, oils and water, and for this reason are used to transport meat, cured meats, fruit, vegetables, bread, biscuits, fish, chocolate, …

Timing Belts with FDA Coatings

It is possible to apply coatings to the rear of the belt with FDA-approved and certified characteristics both via cold gluing and with hot-applied systems.

The first solution is to spread silicone, and this is available in hardnesses of around 30 shore, thus guaranteeing good grip and a high level of adaptability to the transported product; the second involves gluing on various types of coating, including food-grade rubber (60 shore), FDA-approved polyurethane and silicone rubber available in multiple hardnesses from 30 to 65 shore.

Belts with attachments and machining in FDA-approved versions

The types of belts with cleats, as well as those with generic machining and those for vacuum systems, can be created with the same geometric characteristics as the standard products, but using FDA-approved and certified materials.

1 – Rubber coating and PU attachments, both FDA certified

2 – AT10 timing belt with blue coating and shaped PU attachments, FDA approval

3 – Belt with FDA-approved 60 sh. rubber coating with machining for vacuum

4 – Geometry used to transport cylindrical products in the food sector

5 – AT10 timing belt in FDA-approved 90 shore polyurethane with ground smooth back

6 – The geometries on the back in FDA-approved food-grade PU are available in multiple hardnesses (60, 83, 90 shore)

7 – Geometries in FDA-approved polyurethane used for conveyor systems in the cured meat sector

8 – Microdot geometry, height 1.5 mm and 10 mm square spacing

9 – Microdot geometry, height 1.5 mm and 10 mm rhombic spacing

10 – Conical attachments, height 2 mm, spaced 15 mm apart

11 – Truncated cone geometry, height 3 mm and 10 mm rhombic spacing

12 – Truncated cone geometry, height 2 mm and 10 mm square spacing

13 – Round stud geometry, 3 mm wide and 1.5 mm in height, with 10 mm square spacing

14 – Rectangular attachments, 8×3 mm, 2 mm height with 6×15 mm spacing

15 – Attachments with 5 mm trapezium-shaped base, 4.5 mm height with 8 mm spacing

16 – Curved transverse attachments, height 10 mm, thickness 3 mm, 10 mm spacing

17 – Geometry with transverse V ribs, height 1 mm and 2 mm spacing

18 – Geometry with transverse V ribs, height 2 mm and 5 mm spacing

19 – Sawtooth coating, height 1 mm with 5 mm spacing

20 – Geometry with longitudinal V ribs, height 1 mm and 2 mm spacing